Training Management FAQs

Do the Training Management Solutions Offered by Sparta Systems Support Regulatory Compliance that Pertains to My Industry?

Yes, Training Management solutions are designed to work across all industries and are easily configurable to suit your own industry and organizational requirements. Sparta Systems’ training management solutions ensures compliance with a wide variety of government regulations and ISO standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 19011. In an audit, you can demonstrate compliance on all relevant standards and regulations in one centralized location. We have worked with companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and consumer goods industries among others.

Can You Integrate Training Manager with Other EQMS Functionality?

Yes, let's say, for example, that there is an adverse quality event that affects manufacturing. You can integrate CAPA or change control processes with required employee training to resolve the matter. By integrating quality processes with your training, you can ensure that any additional training to address ongoing quality concerns are carried out and enforced, hopefully eliminating any redundant quality events.  

How Can Supervisors and Employees Both Benefit from Using a Training Management Solution?

A training management system allows employees to take ownership of their own training and helps enhance employee development. Employees are able to track their own progress and see what training they still need to complete in order to carry out their tasks. Supervisors benefit from a stronger workforce that is well-trained and able to successfully perform their jobs to the highest level. In addition, supervisors are better able to organize training tasks, track completion of those tasks, and identify which tasks are overdue, improving operational efficiency and enhancing accountability.

What Is Wrong with My Paper-Based System?

Siloed paper-based systems are often inefficient and have the potential to lead to errors, redundancies, and adverse events due to improper employee training. A paper-based system may put you at a competitive disadvantage with others in your industry who have already implemented an automated solution.

How Can I Build the Business Case for an Automated Training Management Solution?

A siloed, paper-based training management system carries too many risks that could affect quality and costs. One significant adverse event, stemming from untrained or undertrained employees, could affect public brand identity, lengthen the time it takes to bring a product to market, and lead to regulatory fines and penalties. Sparta Systems’ training management solutions can increase training efficiency and mitigate redundant training tasks that only waste time, money, and resources. Finally, an investment in a training management system can help organizations address current quality issues as well as long-term business initiatives down the road.

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