Supplier Quality Management FAQs

What Is a Supplier Scorecard?

One of the unique features offered on the TrackWise and Stratas supplier quality management software platforms is a customizable supplier scorecard enabling organizations to measure the performance of their suppliers. These scorecards quantify supplier performance data and the overall health of your supply chain in real time using quality metrics from workflows like new supplier qualification, nonconformance and audit results, and ERP data. They can be used to judge new suppliers as well as assess the ongoing performance of current suppliers in your supply chain network.

Can TrackWise and Stratas Supplier Collaboration Software Be Configurable to My Industry?

Yes, TrackWise and Stratas Supplier Collaboration have been designed to fit various organizations' software configurations to ensure a seamless integration with existing software. Both have been successfully implemented for companies and organizations in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, consumer products industry, discrete manufacturing industry, medical device industry, and more. We encourage you to speak with a TrackWise customer representative or visit your industry's page to learn more about how TrackWise supplier quality management software can address your challenges, regulatory requirements, and business objectives.

Our Current System Works Fine. Why Do I Need Supplier Quality Software? 

Increasingly, regulatory bodies are putting more responsibility on corporations to address supplier quality with regard to the requirements laid out in FSMA, various ISO standards, and other government and industry regulations. This means corporations must have a clearer picture of what is going on in the supply chain to address supplier quality issues before they lead to adverse events. Supplier quality software enables greater transparency and accountability across the supply chain. Supplier non-conformances can be reported and investigated in a timely manner, suppliers are held more accountable through process steps sign-offs and tracking, and workflows can be reported in real-time on a centralized dashboard for additional operational transparency.

Besides Transparency and Compliance, What Are Some Other Benefits of TrackWise Supplier Quality Management Software?

TrackWise supplier quality management software can help companies across various industries reduce operational costs and improve on inefficiencies that increase risk and lengthen the time it takes to evaluate supplier quality. TrackWise allows clients to track supplier quality management processes on a centralized dashboard in a closed-loop supplier process. It can help organizations get rid of their manual, siloed systems that create redundant evaluation systems and processes. It can be integrated with other quality management activities as well. In addition to that, ongoing supplier quality tracking can help to reduce the risk of lost or incomplete data that can affect quality processes like CAPA.

How Does Stratas Supplier Collaboration Work?

Stratas Supplier Collaboration is a web-based portal that connects companies with their suppliers, contract manufacturing organizations, and partners to bring supplier quality processes together in one place so that they can be accessed anywhere, anytime. It eliminates the need for disparate, manual communications like email and phone calls; allows users to manage quality workflows, report adverse events and ongoing investigations in real time; and captures key comprehensive quality metrics for ongoing supplier quality evaluation on a secure user-friendly platform.

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