Supplier Quality Management

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Why Automate Your Supplier Quality Processes?

Manufacturing organizations often have to rely on hundreds or thousands of suppliers to deliver the right materials on time to minimize inventory and ensure continuous improvement to operations, quality and the bottom line. However, these organizations often have extremely limited control and visibility when dealing with their suppliers.

Over 50% of recalls can be traced back to supplier and contract manufacturer issues.

(Source: Recall Execution Effectiveness Report. Deloitte, GMA, FMI, GS1. May 2010)

Manual supplier-facing quality processes leave organizations vulnerable to mistakes, higher cost of poor quality, lack of transparency to the big picture of supplier interaction, and lack of analytics and reporting capabilities. Dangers of releasing products with potential quality issues can cause expense recalls, which can lead to brand and litigation exposure.

Sparta Systems’ Supplier Quality Management (SQM) solution enhances supplier quality assurance by managing the process of qualifying, selecting, and monitoring suppliers and supply chain partners. This  supplier quality solution offers features such as:

  • Supplier scorecards
  • Supplier qualification workflows
  • Management of approved supplier list (ASL)
  • Tracking systems for supplier non-conformances and resulting CAPA 
  • Supplier audits

Supplier Performance Management and Evaluation

The Supplier Quality Management solution, as part of an overall enterprise quality management software (EQMS) solution, increases efficiency of supplier network selection and supplier management by both tracking and managing the qualification and approval process for new potential suppliers. At the same time, it helps avoid redundant evaluations by maintaining complete records of all previous suppliers evaluated for reference across the enterprise. Supplier qualification and evaluation is further enhanced by advanced auditing capabilities to allow offline execution of audit records and reports and seamless integration back into the SQM solution.


Supplier Quality Management

Take control over quality in your supply chain.

Seamless Supplier Information and Risk Management

Sparta’s SQM solution ensures all supplier non-conformances are addressed and appropriate actions are taken by tracking and managing all reported non-conformances, their subsequent investigations, and any resulting CAPA. When combined with Stratas Supplier Collaboration solution, supplier quality-related interactions are streamlined between customers and their partners, giving greater visibility, management and control into an organization’s quality management processes across the global supply chain.

Supplier scorecards are the real-time view into the health of your supply chain. These scorecards pull information from all EQMS workflows such as new supplier qualification, nonconformance and audit results, as well as ERP data such as quantity delivered and on-time delivery statistics. This SQM solution takes a truly holistic view on supplier quality, highlighting areas of greatest risk in your supply chain and allowing you to make appropriate supply usage and spend decisions.

Benefits of Sparta Systems' Supplier Quality Management Software:

  • Ensures compliance with industry and government regulations and ISO standards  
  • ​Reduces risks of product deviations and other quality incidents by ensuring supplier non-conformances are addressed before using materials in product  
  • Increases supplier selection efficiency by eliminating redundant supplier evaluations across departments using standardized supplier evaluation software  
  • Provides seamless integration to Quality Management System functionality such as non-conformances, CAPA, and other quality activities  
  • Reduces risk of lost or incomplete data through supplier tracking management and a closed-loop supplier process 
  • Reduces costs of supplier evaluation and performance management
  • Increases operational transparency through automated alerts, overview views using dashboard functionality, and extensive reporting capabilities 
  • Increases supplier accountability through assignments, process step sign-offs, tracking, and automated audit trails

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