What Is Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Management and Why Is Compliance Important?

EHS management pertains to the approaches organizations take to reduce environmental waste, create sustainable energy management solutions, and develop a safe workplace for all employees. In a time of increased regulatory scrutiny, organizations face strict reporting obligations and must adhere to various local, national, and international regulations concerning EHS as well as ISO 14001, ISO 9000, OHSAS 18001, and similar standards for EHS management.

Why Does My Organization Need to Automate EHS Processes?

From a compliance standpoint, manual EHS management can result in errors, missed inspections and incident reports, and poor tracking of corrective and preventive actions. This increases risk and the likelihood of an adverse event. From an organizational standpoint, manual EHS management creates silos, confusion, and a lack of transparency across the organization.

Automated EHS processes through a best-in-class industry EHS solution allows for optimal standardized management on a macro and micro level. Automation helps to reduce the risks inherent in a manual paper-based system and ensures compliance with all local and international regulations. Additionally, a modern software solution can integrate EHS and sustainable programs with other corporate processes to create one holistic management system.

What Are Some Examples of EHS Uses?

As EHS management evolves, organizations require a flexible software solution that coincides with the current regulations in place as well as public interest. Sparta Systems' solution has been used for a number of different processes to help organizations create a more sustainable and safe workplace. These include safety audits and inspections, environmental health & safety incident tracking, facility risk assessments, occupational health services and safety management systems, OSHA reporting, and process safety management. The solution is easy to configure so workflows can be changed to meet the current regulatory environment and industry demands. It also provides an easy platform to measure improvement with all of the aforementioned processes listed above to help leadership determine if their EHS goals are being met.

Will an EHS Solution from Sparta Systems Help My Organization Save on Operating Costs?

An investment in an EHS management solution can help organizations save money on several levels. First, it reduces the likelihood of an adverse event as risks are identified and subsequently CAPAs are developed to resolve issues if they become adverse events. If an accident does occur, Sparta Systems' solution enables users to quickly report it and develop a workflow to fix the issue as quickly as possible. By not allowing accidents and risks to go unnoticed, organizations can also improve safety in the workplace, lowering the chances of a worker's compensation claim.

Second, Sparta Systems' EHS solution helps organizations maintain compliance with all regulations pertaining to EHS management, mitigating any penalties and brand issues that could affect sales. Finally, an EHS management system helps organizations develop sustainable practices, like waste reduction programs and energy management, to lower utility bills and other operating costs.

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