Complaint Management FAQs

What is Complaint Management Software?

Complaint management software addresses customer issues with an organization's product. Quality managers and their teams use complaint management software to report customer complaints, respond to those complaints directly, investigate the complaints within the organization, and analyze how these quality issues can be avoided in the future. By automating these processes and integrating them into their EQMS, organizations can provide better service to their customers and improve quality processes to mitigate any further customer complaints.

Why Would an Organization Want to Invest in a Complaint Management Solution?

Today, complaint management solutions serve many purposes.  While acting as a vital indicator of product quality and potential product issues, how you manage complaints has other effects.  Having a validated system that moves potential incidents rapidly through an investigation and corrective action cycle can be a competitive edge as well as a means of improving product quality.

How Can Sparta Systems’ Complaint Management Solutions Meet My Industry's Needs?

Each industry is different with regards to regulatory affairs, customer base, manufacturing quality concerns, etc. For example, an electronics manufacturer will have a far shorter timeframe than a drug manufacturer to perfect manufacturing quality and address customer complaints before the product's shelf-life is done. Still the pharmaceutical  or medical device manufacturer may have different regulations it must comply with, and they could have different consequences if a recall or customer lawsuit were to occur. For example, medical device manufacturers have very strict regulations regarding complaints about malfunctioning devices under 21 CFR Part 820, FDA Part 803, and other regulatory affairs.

Although each industry will manage complaint handling just a little differently to match its own needs and requirements, Sparta Systems’ complaint management solutions are highly flexible to integrate with your quality management system. Additionally, no matter your industry, our solutions automate and centralize your compliant intake process, so you're more efficient at handling and correcting customer issues to improve product quality and your brand reputation.

How Does Sparta Systems’ Complaint Management Solutions Work?

Sparta Systems’ complaint management solutions allows organizations to log customer complaints, investigate them, and assign corrective actions in one centralized location to lessen customer response time and improve transparency across the organization. Workflows are automated, so investigations and corrective actions are assigned based on manufacturing location and the product.

There are two solutions offered by Sparta Systems to manage complaints:
  • TrackWise is a web-based software solution that can be integrated with existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to ensure accurate report generation on an enterprise level. It facilitates compliance with the FDA and all other regulatory bodies and prevents incidents of lost data through a closed loop system
  • 123Compliance is a cloud-based complaint management solution that integrates with Salesforce CRM data and moves high-risk complaints to TrackWise to begin an Investigation or CAPA

Organizations that use either complaint management solution report better customer response time, improved reporting for regulatory compliance, enhanced ability to analyze trends to develop better quality management operations, more transparency across the organization, and increased accountability. Contact us today to learn more about how Sparta Systems’ complaint management solutions can improve your customer relationships and product quality.
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