• Environmental Health and Safety Management (EHS) Software

    TrackWise can be used as environmental health and safety (EHS) software to help organizations maintain EHS compliance and efficiently manage and track key processes based on organizational SOPs; local, national and international government regulations; and compliance guidelines in conjunction with ISO 14001, ISO 9000, OHSAS 18001 and similar standards for EHS management.

    While EHS compliance needs vary across industries, the overall objectives of environmental health and safety compliance software are the same: to minimize risk and ensure compliance with EHS rules and regulations while enabling the organization to operate efficiently. The TrackWise safety management systems software offers fully configurable workflow management, powerful querying and enterprise metrics reporting. It enables any organization to meet an unlimited number of EHS management and reporting needs. TrackWise is a robust EHS software platform for driving continuous improvement with services including internal audits and inspections, risk assessments, incident tracking software, recurring commitments and an expansive list of additional operational processes.EHS - Environmental Health and Safety Management (EHS) - Download Datasheet Now

    Benefits of TrackWise safety software:

    • Facilitate EHS compliance with industry and government EHS regulations and ISO standards
    • Reduce the risk of incomplete or ineffective EHS management
    • Accelerate inspection and corrective action cycles, thereby minimizing the risk of EHS incidents going unnoticed or unaddressed
    • Reduce the time, effort and cost associated with manual, paper-based EHS processes

    Examples of EHS Software Uses:

    • Safety audits and inspections
    • Environmental health & safety incident tracking
    • Facility risk assessments
    • Occupational health services and safety management systems
    • OSHA reporting
    • Process safety management
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