• TrackWise® Boot Camp

    Prerequisites: Basic Understanding of OS/Network/Database/Applications support

    Audience: System Administrators, IT and IS Support Personnel, Business Owners, Project Managers, Project Team Members

    Course Description

    The TrackWise Boot Camp course is designed to enable individuals to quickly familiarize themselves with the TrackWise product suite. This fast-paced course provides a basic understanding of the individual com­ponents in the TrackWise product suite and the benefits and usage of the tools. This intense course covers the major topics from our core classes (Introduction to TrackWise, Technical Fundamentals of TrackWise, Introduction to TrackWise Configuration and Administration, Intermediate TrackWise Configuration and Administration, and Crystal Reports Design for TrackWise), with an emphasis on hands-on instruction in the configuration of TrackWise. This class is designed as an alternative learning path for experienced IT and consulting professionals to quickly get up to speed on the TrackWise suite of products. Participation in this class will provide basic knowledge needed to configure TrackWise but does not go into the depth of each individual core class.

    Course Topics/Outline

    • Introduction to TrackWise
    • Overview, benefits and usage of TrackWise product suite
    • TrackWise exploration
    • Application/Web/Database Server setup
    • Installation of TrackWise products
    • Migrator overview
    • 11 steps to configuring a project (process groups, data fields, selec­tion values, dependent fields, group categories, configuration form, audit trail, states and activities, project and user permissions)
    • TrackWise field and project configuration classes
    • Steps to TWC configuration (admin query, admin scope, admin schedule, admin activities)
    • Introduction to Crystal Reports and basic report de­sign for TrackWise 
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