• Technical Fundamentals of TrackWise®

    Prerequisites: TrackWise experience/Basic understanding of OS/Network/Database support

    Audience: System Administrators, IT & IS Support, Help Desk, Database Administrators

    Duration: 2 Days

    Course Description

    The Technical Fundamentals course is designed to empower IS and IT support personnel to provide efficient and complete services during and after the TrackWise implementation process. Course curriculum covers all aspects of supporting a TrackWise production environment. Within this course, students learn the technical architecture of TrackWise, system requirements and the installation process. In addition, this course covers configuration and administration of the TrackWise Web Administrator Configuration Migrator tool. Students will participate from start to finish in mastering  the steps required for a successful migration.

    Course Topics/Outline

    • Application/web server (infrastructure
    • Directory security/local admin privileges
    • Database server (setup)
    • Multiple database users/synonyms
    • TrackWise services
    • Database connectivity parameters
    • Troubleshooting /logs
    • Oracle client
    • Client rollout setup/implementation
    • Installation of products
    • Reinstalling components
    • Ongoing maintenance
    • Database backup/recovery
    • Introduction to Migrator
    • Requirements & server setup
    • Configuration (what is/is not migrated)
    • Migration paths
    • Migrator configuration
    • Determining migration paths
    • Snapshot preparation & execution
    • Making configuration changes with snapshot in place
    • Performing a migration & verification
    • Management of migration environments
    • Performing upgrades in the migration path
    • Migration Dos & Don’ts
    • Strategies for post-migration configuration
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