• Introduction to TrackWise®

    Prerequisites: None

    Audience: New TrackWise users who plan to take more advanced courses, System Administrators, IT Support Personnel, TrackWise end users

    Duration: 2 Days

    Course Description

    This introductory course provides a thorough overview for a basic understanding of TrackWise as an event tracking and action resolution tool. It is meant for users who have no previous Track­Wise experience. It is also recommended for system administrators who plan to take the Configuration and Administration curriculum. Course cur­riculum provides an explanation of the TrackWise architecture, its components, including Admin Configuration Tools and Integration Manager, and the benefits and usage of tools such as Configuration Migrator and the Audit Execution Package. This course also includes hands-on exploration of TrackWise, explaining system functionality and capabilities. Also included is discussion on how to prepare for a successful implementation of TrackWise using Sparta Systems’ on-site professional services capabilities.

    Course Topics/Outline

    Overview, benefits and usage of TrackWise tools, specifically:  

    • TrackWise
    • TrackWise  system structure and navigation
    • TrackWise terminology & concepts, e.g., workflow, states, activities, and locking
    • Data entry, updates & audit trails
    • Built-in ad hoc search, full text search & integrated reporting
    • Dashboard views for more effective task management
    • Help Desk management &  local administration
    • The TrackWise Coordinator —24/7 business rule en­gine
    • Discussions surrounding:
      - Admin Configuration
      - TrackWise Integration Manager Web Services
      - TrackWise Configuration Migrator
      - Audit Execution Package
      - TrackWise Proficiency Pak (TPP)
      - Preconfigured TrackWise
      - Discussion of planning & preparing for successful implementation
      - TrackWise exploration 
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