123Compliance Platform Installation and Configuration

Prerequisites: Beginner/Intermediate Salesforce.com Administrator experience
Audience: System administrators, system integrators and others responsible for configuring, managing and maintaining a 123Compliance implementation.

Duration: 2 Days

Course Description         

This comprehensive hands-on course is a must for those new to the 123Compliance Platform and 123 Compliance applications. This instructor led course is an intensive end-to-end exercise in configuring, implementing, and deploying the 123Compliance Part 11 Platform. Participants will learn how to use the declarative “clicks not code” capabilities of the Part 11 Platform using the Complaints Management application to create workflows, setup fully compliant audit trail, and apply electronic signature capabilities.

Course Topics/Outline

  • 123Compliance Architecture and Application Suite
  • Installation and Set up
    -Managed Package Installation
    -Initial Application Setup Configuration
    -Configuring Platform Custom Settings
    -Configuring Remote Site Settings
    -Configuring Remote Access
    -123Compliance Permission Sets
  • Audit Trail Configuration
  • Workflow Fundamentals
    -Creating Status, Actions, and Rules
    -Viewing Workflows
    -Multiple and Parallel Workflows
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Automation:  123 Tasks and 123 Jobs
  • Utilities
    -Query Explorer
    -Configuration Deployment
    -Test Class Generation
    -Report Template Builder
    -Adding a Report Button
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