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    Data, Dashboards and Decisions: Turning Quality Data into Actionable Insights
    As companies contend with increased regulation, competition and globalization, the ability to leverage and analyze quality-related data to gain insight across the enterprise is critical. Learn how to effectively analyze your quality data to derive actionable information to improve the business. 

    The Positive Impact Managing Supplier Quality has on Meeting Your Regulatory and Operational Goals
    The growing complexity of your supply chain and the need to continue globalization, along with the coming roll-out of the new FSMA regulations put a huge burden on Consumer Goods manufactures ability to sustainably manage cost and drive revenue. This webcast discusses best practice methodology to manage supplier quality, as well as how Sparta Systems' connected supplier quality solutions enable manufactures to reduce cost, enable regulatory compliance, and drive efficiency by simplifying the complexity of managing your growing material/ingredient supplier network.

    Why Integration Between Your Quality Management System and Drug Safety System is Important
    During this webcast, Anjani Jha, Senior Director of November Research Group and Dave Hess, Solutions Consulting at  Sparta Systems discuss how pharmaceutical companies can leverage and integrate advanced quality management and pharmacovigilance solutions to deliver immediate value into a company’s business process. 

    Maximizing Your TrackWise EQMS Investment
    As your organization grows, your enterprise applications should withstand and support that growth. This includes your TrackWise Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS), supporting your organization’s critical quality processes. Discover how you can maximize system uptime and ensure support for those who both use and manage TrackWise system. 

    GXP Compliance Strategies for Continuous Process Improvement
    During this webcast, you will learn the benefits in balancing compliance strategies and explore how leading companies have created transparency between GLP, GCP and GMP phases, highlighting audits and the supply chain. 

    FDA Initiatives and Regulatory Trends for Life Science
    During this webcast, Larry Spears, former Deputy Director for RA at the FDA CDRH, and Dirk Dusharme from Quality Digest, discuss FDA initiatives and trends over the next several years and what impact that will have on Life Science establishments. 

    Overcoming Complaint Handling Challenges with Technology
    During this webcast, Sparta System experts explore how integrating the complaint handling processes, including eMDR, into an overall enterprise quality management solution facilitates a seamless environment for complaints to initiate investigations, CAPAs and other quality activities – streamlining processes and reducing complaint investigation times and assessment cycle times. 

    A Multi-Billion Dollar Brand Perspective: Managing Product Quality throughout the Global Supply Chain
    Global product quality is impacted by financial pressures, regulatory requirements and a complex, global supply chain. This webcast examines some of the biggest challenges in ensuring global quality across a complex supply chain and what best practices have been incorporated at PepsiCo to achieve business value. 

    Utilizing Enterprise Quality Management to Optimize the Supply Chain and Gain Greater Visibility Into Processes Across the Business Ecosystem
    This webcast discusses how organizations can more effectively enable CMOs and Suppliers to more easily collect and share quality related information; how to more efficiently provide Supplier and CMO quality information across departments within a manufacturer; and, how to build a culture of quality and collaboration both internally and externally through the use of information. 

    The Impact ISO9001 Revisions Will Have On Your Business and QMS
    During this webcast, Sartorius and Quality Digest discuss the values of ISO 9001's core competencies and how the new ISO 9001:2015 changes will affect manufacturers quality processes. 

    Product Registration Tracking for the Chemical and Agrochemicals Industry
    Discover how to streamline and automate your submissions process, fulfill regulatory requirements more efficiently and access key information to enhance decision making and improve manufacturing/supply chain planning. 

    CAPA – The Driving Force Behind Quality Management Webcast
    A corrective and preventive action (CAPA) solution is one tool to achieve these objectives.  This webcast explains the essential elements for implementing an effective CAPA system to help increase patient safety in the pharmaceutical industry. 

    Recognize How Global Change Control Impact Your Product Quality
    During this webcast you will learn how medical device companies can satisfy key business drivers such as global supply chain and M&A needs by implementing an efficient enterprise change control system. 

    The Technology of Quality
    This webcast, co-hosted with Quality Digest, explores technology trends and the quality management tools available to ensure and enhance the quality and safety of products & services. Using these tools have enabled leading organizations to achieve 20-35% quality process productivity improvement.  These tools further increase value across the enterprise by providing visibility and traceability, lowering the amount of recalls and ultimately increasing patient safety. 

    Unlocking Quality & Value Across the Supply Chain with EQMS
    With design, manufacturing and assembly of products often spanning multiple locations and even countries, learn how manufacturers are striking a balance between the manufacturing process and quality control, improving quality and value across the supply chain with enterprise quality management. 

    Dominate Complex Registration Tracking Through Automation
    Learn how an automated registration tracking system provides seamless integration with other processes such as change control, commitment tracking, pharmacovigilance reporting and Annual Product Reviews for true enterprise wide regulatory management. 

    Introduction to TrackWise 8.7  
    The release of TrackWise 8.7 continues our strategic investment into industry leading products and technologies that deliver immediate business value for our customers. TrackWise 8.7 is the most comprehensive TrackWise offering ever, providing access to new tools and services such as TrackWise Mobile, Analytics and Stratas. 

    Stratas 1.1 
    Stratas is a new cloud solution that extends TrackWise beyond your four walls to seamlessly connect external third parties to your company’s internal processes, thereby reducing risk and improving efficiency throughout the supply chain. The release of Stratas 1.1 features the ability to conduct service provider and supplier audits that provides a critical view of systems and compliance with operational and business procedures Observations and findings from these audits can be used to build a foundation for risk management and help align audit resources and manage compliance risks. 

    Recipe for Success: Food Safety Regulations and the Role of Quality Management
    As food markets become more global, governments in the United States and around the world are increasing their focus on food safety by implementing sweeping new regulations while reinforcing adherence to existing regulations. Meeting these food safety standards requires better traceability, improved supply chain visibility, and more efficient quality process standardization from food and beverage manufacturers. Learn how leading food and beverage manufacturers are able to monitor and coordinate quality-related processes across the supply chain, achieving measurable benefits in product safety, operational efficiencies and brand value. 

    Increase Control over Quality Management Through Strong Supplier Relationships
    Learn how pharma/biotech companies can connect external suppliers and contractors to their company’s internal processes through a cloud-based supplier quality management solution and the financial impact that has on the bottom line.  

    The Best Recall is the One You Never Have to Do - Webcast
    Today’s Consumer Products companies are relying more and more on global suppliers to reduce costs and stay competitive. But this adds to the complexity of developing finished goods, limiting the visibility of procedures and processes used, thus increasing the risk of a product recall. In this webinar, learn where issues happen, how they can impact the company, and how an enterprise quality management solution can help companies reduced that risk.  

    EQMS & Complaint Management Demo
    Complaints are one of the origination points of quality events, and probably the most critical. And the complaint investigation process can take many directions. Learn how a global complaint management system allows for collaboration to quickly determine the cause and take the necessary actions.

    Managing Quality Across the Enterprise
    Manufacturing companies today are challenged by mounting pressures such as market demand, cost reduction and product recalls to ensure quality and compliance across a complex supply chain. In this webcast, listen to industry experts discuss the quality issues faced today, and learn about the best practices leading manufacturers are leveraging to manage quality across the enterprise, standardizing processes to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and ensure better business outcomes.

    Using Analytics to Improve Quality in the Supply Chain
    Protecting a company’s brand, reducing risk and ensuring product safety are critical factors for today’s manufacturing companies. To support these dynamics, companies need to ensure the quality of products, and have insight into the quality processes across the supply chain. Moderated by Quality Digest, listen as industry experts discuss the value of real-time analytics within quality management software systems, providing critical visibility into every aspect of your quality processes.

    Boost Supplier Performance Levels Using an Automated Audit Process
    Medical Device companies are held responsible for defective products when in the marketplace, regardless if it was a 3rd party supplier responsible for the damaged part. Learn how an automated audit solution allows companies to create a closed-loop system that integrates with other quality related systems and processes when managing supplier quality.

    Extending TrackWise Beyond the Four Walls with Stratas
    Hear how Stratas addresses critical marketplace needs by integrating and extending quality related processes across the organization's entire supplier and partner network.

    The Evolution of Automated Audit Management
    Learn how companies are planning and executing audits more efficiently by automating the steps in the audit lifecycle, including; scheduling, preparing, responding and corrective action (CAPA). In addition, discover ways to mitigate risk, bolster productivity, improve product quality, and increase visibility for better decision making.

    Understanding UDI Lifecycle Steps to Improve Patient Safety
    A UDI system will provide a standardized identifier that will allow manufacturers, distributors and healthcare facilities to more effectively manage medical device recalls and provide a foundation for a global, secure distribution chain.  This webcast explains the UDI lifecycle steps and the benefits of an automated UDI system to enable more accurate reporting, review and analysis of adverse event reports so that problem devices can be identified and corrected more quickly to improve patient safety.

    Leveraging Audits to Strengthen Supplier Relationships
    Manufacturing companies rely on supply chain integrity when dealing with a multitude of suppliers to produce their products. Learn effective techniques of supplier audits that enable companies to raise performance levels and strengthen supplier relationships.

    Increased Productivity and Efficiency with TrackWise Mobile
    Listen as we discuss the benefits of having a mobile quality system in your company and watch as we walk through a day-in-the-life of a quality issue using TrackWise Mobile.

    Technology Trends Influencing Enterprise Quality Management Systems
    Join Dirk Dusharme of Quality Digest and Judy Fainor, Sparta Systems' Chief Architect, as they examine some of the most prevalent trends effecting highly-regulated industries.

    Understanding the Value of Quality
    Learn about Aberdeen's recent manufacturing research regarding the increasing importance of using quality to address operational inefficiencies at the global level as well as increasing product and service competencies.

    Build Your Strategic Sourcing Strategy Focusing on Quality
    In this webcast, LNS President and Principal Analyst Matthew Littlefield will share results of a recent EQMS study involving over 500 manufacturers. This new research highlights the right quality metrics to measure and provides a roadmap for making dramatic improvements in performance.  

    Drive Business Success Using an Effective Complaint Management Solution
    Listen to Dirk Dusharme, editor-in-chief of Quality Digest and industry expert, Dick DeRisio, as they explain some challenges they've experienced with complaint handling and the strategies learned to manage through the process with successful results.

    Tools for Effective Supplier Controls in Support of the Medical Device Industry
    Learn about industry trends in warning letters citing compliance issues associated with supplier controls and how you can augment supplier management tools with automated software.

    Ensuring Global Regulatory Compliance for Product Registrations: Strategies for Risk Reduction and Operational Efficiency
    Learn from industry and regulatory experts on how to create a robust quality management system for complying with country-based and regional-based regulatory requirements for new product registration, product changes, and labeling changes. Gain insight into how to use automation for effectively tracking product registration and related correspondence to ensure global regulatory compliance. 

    Importance of Supplier Quality Management in Electronics/High Tech Companies
    Listen to LNS Research share results of a recent EQMS study involving over 500 manufacturers. This new research highlights the right quality metrics to measure and provides a roadmap for making dramatic improvements in performance.

    Effective Strategies for Compliant Handling
    Learn as the presenters explain some challenges they've experienced with complaint handling and the strategies learned to manage through the process with successful results. (1:05:57)

    Protect Your Brand: Ensuring Food Safety and Compliance with a Quality Management System
    Learn how your company can manage risk and protect brand reputation in the ever changing food and beverage environment. (1:10:35)

    Global Change Control: Managing Change as a Best Practice, Not Just Compliance
    Learn how implementing and managing a successful, automated change control solution improves cycle time and time to market, supports global supply chain initiatives, enhances product quality and flexibility to adapt to changing regulations and in turn, reduces operational cost. (59:10)

    Turning Quality Data into Quality Insight with TrackWise Analytics
    Learn about the exciting new TrackWise Analytics solution and how it can be used to gain improved system ROI, greater visibility into existing quality issues, and ultimately enable organizations to be more proactive in managing quality across the enterprise. (51:53)  

    Tracking your Product Registration Process is That Easy
    Effortlessly meet regulatory requirements, strategically drive competitive product portfolios, and maintain a competitive market edge with an enterprise quality software solution. (41:47) 

    Flawless Execution of your Audit Process Through Automation 
    Learn how a quality management solution helps auditors to plan and execute internal and external audits more efficiently in the manufacturing industry. (57:04)

    GLP and GCP Auditing: Why Preclinical and Clinical Auditing Belongs in a Comprehensive EQMS 
    Explore preclinical GLP and clinical GCP auditing solutions and learn how to automate workflow processes by managing all steps in the preclinical and clinical audit lifecycle. (52:52)

    Do More for Less with an EQMS
    Learn how you can manage costs and improve operational efficiencies by centralizing and harmonizing manual systems for business critical processes through use of an enterprise quality management system. (58:49)  

    Simplifying the Audit Management Process
    Learn how TrackWise can simplify and improve productivity, reduce costs and streamline your audit processes in the most effective manner. (48:34)

    EQMS: Accelerating Quality Outcomes
    This webcast will allow quality professionals to better estimate and communicate the value of their quality management systems accelerating quality management outcomes that can be measured by their financial and operational peers. (1:01:02)

    Managing Product Quality and Business Process Efficiency Throughout the Global Supply Chain
    Discover how to manage risk and ensure full supply chain visibility and oversight, including supplier relationship risk assessment and risk-based auditing. (31:17)

    A Complete Quality Management System Extends Across the Enterprise
    Explore how a true enterprise quality management system has the inherent ability to harmonize all quality processes from each functional area, across all regions, and throughout the critical supplier network, providing the necessary visibility and transparency to quality issues and global trends. (50:16)

    Closed Loop Quality for Consumer Products Manufacturers
    This webcast outlines key quality metrics and how closed-loop quality management software can help consumer products companies achieve operational excellence. (59:05)

    Enterprise Quality Management for Manufacturing: Increasing Brand Reputation through High Quality Products
    This webcast discusses how companies can manage suppliers in various regions based on their commercial risk, performance capabilities, strategic development and corporate vision requires central harmonized and standardized processes with visibility to management. (45:47)

    How an EQMS can protect your customers, keep you compliant, and have a positive effect on your bottom line
    This webcast explores how to bring related processes together on a global basis, and integrate systems to create transparency and effective and timely decision making. (1:04:44)

    Product Registration Tracking - Avoid Costly Errors & Improve Efficiency
    In this webcast, you will hear a Becton Dickinson case study that illustrates how global registration tracking can be made more efficient and less risky. (41:47)

    Improving Total Cost of Ownership with Enterprise Quality Management Solutions
    Learn how utilizing a single platform to manage quality and regulatory issues enables a broader and deeper view across the organization. (58:53)

    Managing the Complex Supply Chain Ecosystem
    Learn about industry trends and best practices on managing the complexities of the supply chain. (58:17)

    Cost-Effective On-Demand TrackWise Training
    Explore how Sparta Systems on-demand TrackWise training solution can assist your company with training audiences on the basic concepts of TrackWise. (43:26)

    Best Practices for Implementing a Global Change Management Solution
    How implementing a global change control cycle system as part of an organization's enterprise quality management system improves quality, streamlines the product release process, and reduces risk. (54:12)

    Medical Device Regulatory Reporting
    In this presentation learn from Howard Press, formerly of the FDA what's changing in e-Reporting, options for compliance and guidance on justifying automation. (59:56)

    Supplier Quality Management Strategies for Enterprise Quality Management Systems
    This webcast is designed to cover SQM from every angle, from identifying new suppliers and the corresponding evaluation process to ongoing supplier oversight to ultimately decommissioning the vendor. (54:20)

    Environmental, Health and Safety, Incidents and Risk Management: Improving Efficiency, Accountability and Safeguards
    This presentation explores how organizations can maintain compliance and efficiently manage and track key processes and actions based on organizational SOPs, local government rules, and both federal and international compliance guidelines in conjunction with global regulations and standards for Environmental Health and Safety Management. (54:36)

    Enterprise Integration: Harnessing the Full Value of an Enterprise Quality Management System
    This presentation reviews the business drivers for integration of quality management software with enterprise applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and laboratory information management (LIM) systems. Examples of enterprise QMS integration are also presented. (59:33)  

    Food Safety Legislation and Regulation - Ready or Not?
    Industry experts from Axendia and Sparta Systems provide an update on the status of legislative proposals on food safety, discuss how to prepare for the next generation FDA audit and identify key risk areas based on anticipated penalties for non-compliance. (1:11:00)

    Training Management Best Practices
    This session provides an overview of the common pain points for companies using manual and segregated training management methods. Review this webcast to learn how a fully integrated, web-based training management improves training as an integral part of an organization's corporate-wide quality and compliance programs. (46:27)

    Introduction to TrackWise 8
    This introduction to the latest release of Sparta Systems' industry-leading TrackWise software, provides an overview of product enhancements such as our next generation configuration management functionality and our new workflow visualization feature. (59:14)

    Integration with Enterprise Applications: A Technical Look
    This webcast takes a look at enterprise architecture and canonical models, solution architecture, TrackWise integration architecture and multiple real-world case studies, including integration with global complaint systems, clinical trial data and mobile devices. (59:33)

    Complaint Handling and Regulatory Reporting for the Pharmaceutical Industry
    This webcast discusses best practices for the recording, investigation, resolution and reporting of complaints in accordance with good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and regulatory compliance mandates. (52:18)

    Global Quality Management as a Business Imperative co-presented by Forrester and Genzyme
    Forrester presents best practices and what to look for in a Quality Management Solution. Jon Voss, Vice President, Corporate Quality Operations Systems at Genzyme presents a case study. (1:03:51)

    Quality Across the Supply Chain co-presented by Simon Jacobson, AMR
    This joint Sparta Systems-AMR Research webcast will show how to embed quality throughout the supply chain. The webcast explores how the ownership of quality can be extended into the supply chain providing visibility, traceability and end-to-end quality excellence. (54:34)

    Client Case Study: TrackWise, from Procurement to Implementation, at the European Medicines Agency (EMA)
    Learn how the European Medicines Agency managed a successful QMS implementation. The presentation also reviews the benefits of an electronic, configurable QMS, and the lessons learned that will prepare the organization for future process automation. (42:51)

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