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    Recent trends in the marketplace are demonstrating that more and more companies are streamlining business systems due to cost pressures and regulatory scrutiny. Gone are the days of standalone software systems that are disconnected and cause inconsistencies in the global supply chain. Businesses now require software solutions that integrate with existing enterprise systems and are quickly deployable to the global landscape. The TrackWise enterprise integration solutions have been created to ease the pains of disparate systems and perform real-time interaction with existing enterprise systems within complex and highly varied application ecosystems.

    TrackWise utilizes web services-based integration architecture in order to seamlessly integrate with a client’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). TrackWise also features a suite of integration utilities to enable organizations to quickly and easily integrate with a variety of legacy systems.  TrackWise, is custom-built to ensure that it supports a holistic enterprise process and data management infrastructure, creating visibility with an organization’s document management and enterprise resource planning systems. Click here to learn more.  

    Enterprise Integration: Harnessing the Full Value of an Enterprise Quality Management System 

    Download the webcast which reviews the business drivers for integration of quality management software with enterprise applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and laboratory information management (LIM) systems. Examples of enterprise QMS integration are also presented.


    Audit Execution Package 

    Improve quality, reduce costs and identify operational and compliance risks by managing the full audit lifecycle and help to ensure that findings are resolved in a timely and effective manner. TrackWise enables your organization to take a best practices approach to compliance and risk management and support all audit programs using an enterprise system. Learn more about Audit Management or the Audit Execution Package.  

    Click here to view a short video presentation that explains our Audit Management Solutions?


    New Materials from Sparta Systems  

    White Paper: Building a Business Case for an Enterprise Quality Management System
    Today’s manufacturers face enormous challenges managing their enterprise quality and compliance activities. Market trends point to even greater scrutiny of these efforts as pressure mounts from both consumers and regulatory agencies for manufacturers across a broad range of industries to deliver better and safer products and services. To meet these important regulatory challenges, it is imperative that manufacturers have a quality management system to manage processes and provide timely access to relevant data, effectively and efficiently. Click here to read more. 

    White Paper:  Medical Device Quality Systems Demystified: Why Companies Need Best-of-Breed ERP, PLM and EQMS
    Medical device companies that choose to leverage ERP or PLM to handle EQMS capabilities are may be falling behind the competition by placing themselves at greater regulatory risk. They also are likely to spend more money than if they chose the path of implementing a best-of-breed EQMS system and integrating it into their system landscape. Download this white paper to learn more about how investing in EQMS can actually support organizational goals of implementing systems with low TCO.

    Case Study: MedImmune Success Story
    MedImmune expands its TrackWise implementation to manage EH&S requirements. The company now benefits from a closed-loop enterprise wide system. Click here to read.  

    Case Study: Netherlands Vaccine Institute Case Study
    Netherlands Vaccine Institute Achieves Seamless EU Compliance with TrackWise Software. Click here to read.  

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    March 16, 2011

    Sparta Systems Partners with Synertec Asia to Expand Presence in Southeast Asia
    Feb. 16, 2011


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