Product Registration Tracking

Sparta Systems' pharmaceutical product registration tracking solution enables companies to significantly reduce efforts, risks and, ultimately, costs associated with pharmaceutical product registrations by improving the management, tracking and reporting of global pharmaceutical registration processes. Integrating a drug submission tracking system improves the management of new product introductions as well as product life cycle activities for each registration, in each country and for every product, indication, package and formulation.  It is the only regulatory affairs product registration tracking system that can effectively manage the highly complex product data relationships that are typical of pharmaceutical registration records as well as integrate with other quality and compliance processes within the organization. 

With the Sparta Systems' product registration tracking solution, pharmaceutical companies are able to track the full lifecycle of the product registration process so they can bring drugs to market with greater speed and efficiency, while maintaining compliance with global regulatory bodies.

Streamline the Product Registration Tracking Process

Overcome Compliance Challenges and Improve Visibility

Benefits of Sparta Systems' Product Registration Tracking Solution:

  • Improve cycle time of approvals by ensuring accurate data and streamlined management of all registration data and  activities therein
  • Streamline regulatory affairs workflow and improve time to market by providing users with efficient tools to replace manual tracking processes
  • Ensure real-time access to drug registration and submission status as well as to all related work items, correspondence, commitments and tasks
  • Increase speed and accuracy of responses by providing access to reports on registration status and number by country, product type, indication, packaging or any other classification
  • Automate the monitoring of all commitments to FDA and other regulatory bodies
  • Support all major pharmaceutical related regulatory initiatives and ensures more accurate registration data through automatic data validation
  • Easy search and fast report generation, improving visibility for all drug registrations
  • Enables each country or region to create and maintain a re-usable ‘template’ for actions needed for registration activities, along with associated timelines to ensure business decisions for launch plans can be made with accurate information
  • Provide seamless integration with other processes such as change control, document management pharmacovigilance reporting and Annual Product Reviews for true enterprise quality management (EQMS)
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