Supplier Quality Management

Quality issues can impact consumer health and safety as well as supply chain relationships. Manufacturers are starting to treat suppliers as part of an overall pharmaceutical vendor management strategy, recognizing the value in a trusted partnership giving them accountability for the materials they supply. Finding issues with vendor performance early in the cycle reduces the error being carried forward through the supply chain. This relates to wrong material or parts being in the supply chain, thus, requiring costly inventory carrying costs, rework to get back into specs or even scrap. Later life cycle issues affect inventory of correct materials needed to manage demand, providing the relevant products to the downstream stakeholders such as packagers, distributors and point-of-sale.

Sparta Systems TrackWise Supplier Quality Management

TrackWise Supplier Quality Management Solution helps you to segment your supplier base, identify your key suppliers, plan and man­age to ensure that the capabilities of your suppliers are optimally leveraged. The solution offers features such as supplier scorecards, supplier qualification best practices, manage the approved supplier list (ASL), and tracking systems for supplier non-conformances and resulting CAPA.  

Sparta Systems' Stratas Supplier Collaboration Solution 

Stratas Supplier Collaboration software is a cloud-based portal that extends quality processes beyond a corporation’s four walls out to suppliers, contract manufacturers and other partners in the external supply network. This allows them to participate directly in quality interactions that historically have been handled using inefficient, manual methods. When combined with the rich capabilities of TrackWise, Stratas creates a fully featured, end-to-end supplier quality management solution.

Six Steps to Maximize Supplier Relationships

Supplier Audits Guide for Pharmaceutical Companies

Using a Pharmaceutical Supplier Management System to Enhance Vendor Performance 

With an increase in outsourcing manufacturing and a globalization of raw materials, implementing a global process to manage and track both your internal quality processes and the quality processes of your vendor network becomes a necessity. When the contract manufacturers are part of the discovered issues, they will no longer supply out-of-spec or issue prone materials into the supply chain, hence, decreasing remediation and replacement costs within the supply chain.

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Vendor and Supply Chain Solutions: 

  • Ensures compliance with industry and government regulations and ISO standards  
  • Reduces costs of supplier and vendor evaluation driven by multiple redundant, separated systems  
  • Reduces risks of pharmaceutical product deviations and other quality incidents by ensuring supplier non-conformances are addressed before using materials in product 
  • Increases supplier selection efficiency by eliminating redundant vendor evaluations across departments using a standardized, centralized supplier evaluation process  
  • Provides seamless integration to QMS functionality such as CAPAs and other quality activities  
  • Reduces risk of lost or incomplete data through a closed-loop supplier processes  
  • Provides flexible yet controlled environments through fully configurable process workflows  
  • Improves other quality and operating processes by integrating with other enterprise-level control systems such as EDMSs, EPRs and MESs  
  • Increases operational transparency through automated alerts, overview views using dashboard functionality, and extensive reporting capabilities 
  • Increases accountability though assignments, process step sign-offs and automated audit trails  

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