Clinical Operations

Clinical Operations System for Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industries

Clinical Operations departments are responsible for the design, development and review of clinical trial protocols, monitoring and tracking the execution of clinical trials, and ensuring the compliance of clinical sites with trial protocols. Sparta Systems offers a Clinical Operations compliance solution that automates the processes required to ensure the highest level of quality for clinical trials.

Benefits of Sparta Systems' Clinical Operations Compliance Solution:

  • Streamline the clinical audit process by consolidating tracking and management of all internal and external audits into an easily accessible web-based system
  • Manage all GLP and GMP audits in one place for stronger compliance
  • Increase resource utilization and collaboration by automating workflow processes and providing secure access to related information across multiple audit groups and trials
  • Reduce risk of lost records, incomplete items and overdue tasks by eliminating paper and tracking items electronically
  • Increase visibility of pending items through on-line reporting and dashboards
  • Reduce administrative costs and duplicate efforts by leveraging a 24/7 business rules engine, which automates manual procedures and escalates commitments based on priority, due date and other criteria
  • Enhance the effectiveness of investigator GLP site audits and others by utilizing online inspection checklists and questionnaires and tracking any violations or discrepancies through to completion
  • Improve visibility of clinical processes, personnel and vendor issues and streamline the audit reporting process for clinical trials
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