• Clinical Trial Management Software

    TrackWise Clinical Trial Management Software enables your company to improve the efficiency, integrity and quality of clinical trials by automating and streamlining workflow processes, increasing transparency and improving compliance with clinical trial protocols. TrackWise helps ensure that problems are identified, tracked and addressed in accordance with good clinical practices (GCPs).

    Quality management software used as a clinical trial management system provides organizations with a web-based solution that helps you to track, manage and control all clinical trial processes and tasks through a consolidated dashboard and desktop view.  As a result, all stakeholders, including senior management, the principal investigator, trial managers, QA, QC, clinical operations and regulatory affairs personnel, have complete visibility into the current status of all trials.

    Optimal clinical trial management includes product safety issues, and any related actions critical to the success of the program, such as the tracking and resolution of serious adverse events (SAEs) and the associated regulatory assessments and reporting processes. The TrackWise clinical trial management system is easily customized to suit your specific needs.

    Whitepaper: Automated Audit Management - Download Now

    Benefits of Clinical Trial Software:

    • Streamline the clinical trial process by consolidating tracking and data management of all clinical trial activities and information in a secure web-based system that is easily accessible across multiple sites, studies and teams
    • Reduce administrative costs and improve resource allocation and collaboration by leveraging the TrackWise quality management software business rules engine, which enables you to automate manual procedures and escalate commitments based on priority, due date and other criteria
    • Increase productivity by using a single source for clinical trial data management, reducing the need for internal staff to input data
    • Improve teamwork using collaboration portals that provide secure remote access
    • Enhance the effectiveness of monitoring visits by utilizing online inspection checklists and questionnaires and tracking any violations or discrepancies through resolution


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