• TrackWise Clinical GCP Audit Software

    You realize you need greater control over and improved visibility into your quality and compliance processes.  Your company’s Quality Assurance group is working hard to keep GCP audit programs organized with many different manual processes and spreadsheets.  Your auditors are in need of a tool to drive a more efficient auditing process.  Management is requesting a comprehensive snapshot of key audit program metrics.  Whether your role is part of QA, QC, or Clinical Operations, principal investigator, sponsor, auditor or a stakeholder in the process, the TrackWise Clinical GCP Auditing Solution can help your organization streamline the GCP auditing process.

    The TrackWise Clinical GCP Auditing Solution

    The TrackWise Clinical GCP Auditing Solution, featuring the Audit Execution Package is designed to facilitate the processes involved with GCP auditing in addition to providing the standard quality, compliance and workflow management capabilities of TrackWise.  In addition, for organizations looking to consolidate their auditing processes, the TrackWise platform has the ability to support all audit programs using an enterprise system.

    A Fully-Integrated System

    The need to measure and ensure quality is vital throughout all aspects of the clinical trial process.  TrackWise enterprise quality management software provides a flexible and configurable platform for tracking and managing quality and compliance events to ensure that clinical research activities are continually measured, monitored and improved upon.

    Key Features and Benefits of GCP Audit Software:

    • Design flexible audit templates that simplify the process of auditing against regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11, Part 50, Part 54, Part 56, Part 312, and Part 812, ICH E2A, ICH E6(R1), and the EU Clinical Trials Directive.
    • Organize study records in an intuitive and hierarchical format such that they can be easily located while preparing for audits.
    • Maintain copies of clinical trial protocols within TrackWise’s seamless environment so they can be quickly and easily referenced.
    • Document findings and observations and draft audit reports in real time, on location, without online connectivity using the offline audit feature of the Audit Execution Package. This feature eliminates the time-consuming and redundant process of inputting notes into a word processor and then publishing to an electronic system.
    • Track and manage audit scheduling, audit plans, audit templates, audit execution, and the resulting follow-up activities, with all relevant parties working within one environment.
    • Generate reports to monitor and review auditor resource allocation and scheduling, draft and formal audit reports, and reports to track and trend on findings and corrective actions to drive continuous improvement. 


    TrackWise GCP Audit Software can help you achieve the business outcomes you are striving for:

    • Securely manage all information in a centralized, scalable and reliable enterprise system.
    • Increase productivity and efficiency and reduce non-value add activity and the potential for errors by eliminating the process of duplicating data entry.
    • Reduce risk by enforcing consistent and harmonized processes and procedures across the organization while allowing auditors the appropriate level of flexibility to do their job.
    • Increase accountability and collaboration by assigning activities to responsible parties and monitoring due dates through interactive dashboards.
    • Facilitate compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, Part 50, Part 54, Part 56, Part 312, and Part 812, ICH E2A, ICH E6(R1), and the EU Clinical Trials Directive.
    • Lower costs by consolidating redundant systems and enhancing collaboration, fueling cost-savings and increasing ROI.
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