Supplier Quality Management

Food and beverage (F&B) companies are under more pressure today than any time in recent history.  The need to globalize to meet growing customer demand, coupled with increasing merger & acquisition activity make it challenging for F&B manufacturers to cost effectively manage the quality of the ingredients and materials across the supply chain.  New regulations, such as the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), are compelling F&B manufacturers to have supplier and importer quality management procedures in place. As a result, these organizations are looking for ways to create greater transparency into their suppliers’ and contract vendors’ operations and quality processes to ensure that products meet safety and quality requirements.

Food & Beverage: Supplier Quality Management

Creating Transparency Across the Supply Chain

Holistic, enterprise-wide supplier quality management systems enable companies to ensure that suppliers and contract manufacturers are implementing the same best practices for product quality, safety and compliance, improving visibility and collaboration. Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) leverages best-of-breed technology to provide a centralized and consolidated system to facilitate effective supplier quality management, reducing the time it takes to address quality issues such as complaints, investigations and corrective actions.

Benefits of Supplier Quality Management Software for the Food & Beverage Industry:

  • Supports compliance with industry regulations such as FSMA, GFSI and SQF
  • Improves food quality and safety by creating more transparency across the supply chain.
  • Fosters more collaborative relationships with suppliers, supporting innovation, speed-to-market and competitive differentiation
  • Increases supplier selection efficiency by eliminating redundant supplier evaluations across departments using a standardized, centralized supplier evaluation process
  • Reduces risk of lost or incomplete data through a closed-loop supplier processes
  • Increases operational transparency through automated alerts, overview views using dashboard functionality, and extensive reporting capabilities
  • Increases accountability through assignments, process step sign-offs and automated audit trails
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