Discrete Manufacturing FAQs

What unique challenges do electronics manufacturers face that can be addressed with enterprise quality management solutions?

Handheld electronics are constantly being updated as new technology emerges. What may be the highest level of technology today may be an afterthought tomorrow. The challenge of a shorter product lifecycle compared to most other industries is dwarfed maybe only by customer expectations. Global supplier quality issues, increasing markets around the world, and regulatory requirements are some other challenges that electronics manufacturers must consider as well. Both Sparta’s on premise and cloud-based solutions automate business and quality processes to reduce risk, decrease scrap & rework, and improve quality across the supply chain while getting products to market faster.

Can Sparta’s EQMS solutions help with compliance?

Yes, Sparta’s EQMS solutions support various government regulations and industry standards regarding quality management systems and other factors, including ISO/TS 16949, ISO9001, ISO4001, OSHA18001 and ISO27001. These solutions also integrate with other enterprise business critical pillar systems such as ERP, PLM, CRM and MES.

How can an EQMS enable my organization to meet business to business expectations?

Business customers of electronics expect the best. They understand the shortness of a product's lifecycle, the quality needed to meet their customers' expectations, and the opportunities to reach new markets as more individuals are introduced to the technology. With these expectations come many challenges. Sparta’s customer complaint solutions – both on premise and cloud-based - help manufacturers meet customer expectations, mitigate quality events, handle customer complaints in a quick and efficient manner, and address product safety issues.

Sparta’s solutions provide manufacturers with one clear interface to create processes to address customer complaints. These processes are transparent and visible across an organization, so those whom they concern can view and report results in the real-time. By automating customer complaint management and streamlining processes across the supply chain, manufacturers can deliver the best customer service and products to meet expectations.

Does Sparta’s solutions help manufacturers manage supplier quality?

As the supply chain grows more complex, manufacturers must ensure they are able to depend on suppliers to deliver the same quality that they and their customers expect and need. Sparta’s solutions facilitate supplier quality management through supplier scorecards, supplier qualification workflows, and tracking systems for supplier non-conformances and resulting actions.

For example, through TrackWise EQMS, manufacturers have an automated solution to select suppliers and monitor their overall performance. Stratas Supplier Collaboration, a cloud-based solution that complements TrackWise, allows manufacturers and suppliers/partners to collaborate and communicate better to address non-conformances, customer complaints and other issues.

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