Complaint Management

Customer Events and Complaint Management

Discrete manufacturing organizations, particularly semiconductor, electronics and high-tech manufacturers, deal with high-value product lines and sophisticated business customers. With these segments facing tighter schedules, a global customer base and shorter product life cycles, customer events and complaints must be effectively managed and concluded in an efficient and timely manner. Managing these events and complaints are essential to maintaining customer satisfaction, providing high-quality and safe products and growing market positioning. As a result, companies require scalable and flexible complaint management systems that enable them to implement enterprise complaint handling processes integrated with the other enterprise pillar systems like ERP, CRM and SCM.

Sparta Systems’ solutions for Customer Events and Complaint Management enable discrete,  semiconductor and high-tech manufacturers to effectively implement a global and consolidated approach to managing customer events and complaints. Whether on premise or cloud-based, Sparta’s solutions reduce product safety issues, streamlines workflow processes and helps improve customer satisfaction. Event and complaint handling are integrated into the overall quality management system, allowing users to benefit from a single interface and eliminating the need for complex and costly custom integration.

The Challenges of Complaint Handling, Investigations and Adverse Event Reporting


  • Integrated with corporate enterprise pillar business systems like ERP and CRM for efficient and effective closed loop handling while eliminating non-value added efforts
  • Harmonized processing and streamlined decision-making by use of business rules and workflows involving all relevant stakeholders
  • Increases operational efficiency  and productivity by eliminating  manual processes
  • Centralized system where global divisions within the enterprise have visibility and the ability to track progress
  • Consolidate and harmonize while providing capability for regional or local variations; helps with global standardization and management reporting; transparency and visibility to assess status, customer satisfaction and internal costs 
  • Automate the process of assigning events/complaints and related investigations based on manufacturing location and product type
  • Improve management of the events/complaint lifecycle with real-time trending and escalation of tasks
  • Provide a best practices based environment to promote customer first to understand evolving customer needs, concerns and expectations
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