Supplier Quality Management

Companies in the personal care and cosmetics industry are balancing increasing regulatory pressures with growing inventory requirements and market demands. By leveraging a global network of suppliers and contract manufacturers, these organizations can meet the market and inventory demands. However, this can increase risk by reducing visibility into production processes across the supply chain. As regulatory scrutiny increases, a well-implemented supplier quality management process can help personal care and cosmetic companies effectively manage and track product quality and safety, protecting brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Four Best Practices to Improve Quality in the Supply Chain

Managing the Supplier Evaluation Process

Sparta Systems’ supplier quality management solution enables personal care companies to obtain a complete view of all supplier quality issues and supplier information. Sparta’s enterprise quality management software (EQMS) leverages industry best practices and proven technology to provide effective supplier quality management, including supplier qualification and onboarding, supplier scorecards and list management, risk-based supplier audits, supplier non-conformances and corrective actions. Quality issues can be identified early, avoiding costly recalls and delays.

Benefits of Sparta Systems’ Supplier Quality Management Solution:

  • Reduces risks of product non-conformances and other quality incidents by ensuring supplier non-conformances are addressed before using materials in production
  • Increases supplier selection efficiency by eliminating redundant supplier evaluations across departments using a standardized, centralized supplier evaluation process
  • Enables collaboration with the supplier, providing increased visibility and transparency into supplier quality issues, corrective actions and effectiveness checks.
  • Increases operational transparency through automated alerts, supplier scorecards, and comprehensive reporting capabilities
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