Audit Management

Personal care and cosmetics manufacturers are facing innumerable challenges with growing global regulatory requirements, competition, and a global network of suppliers that all need to adhere to an organization’s product quality, safety and labeling requirements. Regulations affecting personal care and cosmetic product approvals can vary from market to market, including the U.S. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and the European Union (EU) cosmetics regulation 1223/2009. Manufacturers are looking for an end-to-end workflow audit management solution that drives the quality continuous improvement throughout its facilities.

Sparta Systems’ audit management solution enables personal care and cosmetics companies to significantly reduce risks and increase quality by managing the full audit lifecycle and findings are resolved in a timely and effective manner. The solution provides a best practices approach with respect to compliance and risk management, automating the steps in the audit lifecycle, including scheduling, preparation, auditing, reporting, and corrective action tracking. The audit management solution also provides audit reports that can be generated on demand, eliminating time-consuming manual reporting processes.

Automated Audit Management

Best Practices that Enable Companies to Mitigate Risk and Increase Audit Productivity

Benefits of Audit Management for the Personal Care and Cosmetics Industry:

  • Increase audit efficiency and reduce risk by enforcing consistent and harmonized processes across your organization
  • Support industry and regulatory initiatives such as GMP, FD&C Act, EU 1223/2009 and REACH
  • Increase audit transparency through automated alerts and extensive reporting capabilities featuring dashboards and executive overviews
  • Reduce the risk of lost or incomplete data by securely managing all information in a centralized, scalable and reliable system
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