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Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) for Consumer Products Companies

Companies operating in the consumer products industry are playing in one of the most highly competitive industries today. Constantly changing consumer tastes and preferences, pending product market regulation, new packaging technologies, new formulations, expanding geographical markets and the ever present need to achieve profitable growth are all top of mind for executives. Although successfully positioning your brand in front of consumers is an important first step, the ensuing relationship with your product is paramount to success. For this reason, maintaining a long-term trusted status with customers is driven by product quality. With an enormous amount of choices available to consumers in almost every market globally, if their needs are not met, then companies are quickly overlooked and fall behind.

Quality is Critical to Compete

Regardless of the goods sold, consumer product organizations face issues with managing compliance, quality, operating margins, traceability, risk, changing demand and supply-chain visibility. Leading companies in the consumer products industry are some of the largest companies in the world. Over the past ten years, there has been significant consolidation at the top of the market, with the remaining companies looking for additional growth by expanding into new product segments and geographies. For these large consumer products companies, a consumer goods quality management system is not only necessary for seamless global operations, it is becoming a mandatory business application for offering high quality products at low costs.

Consumer Packaged Goods

CPG manufacturers are trying to advance toward a lean and standardized manufacturing process in order to enhance production flexibility and better manage industry compliance standards. The result can vastly improve the entire manufacturing process, across global supply chains and business networks. However, recent issues impacting consumer safety have also required organizations to reexamine the way they approach their product quality practices. Leading CPG manufacturers are increasing their efforts to inspect and audit the quality of not only their own operations, but operations throughout the supply chain network of partners and suppliers. Sparta’s EQMS solutions help today’s CPG companies support quality management best practices internally and with suppliers and partners, while tracking, managing and reporting on quality information effectively across the organization.

Chemical and Agrochemical

Chemical and agrochemical manufacturers face countless challenges with growing regulatory requirements, mergers and acquisitions, competition, and a global network of suppliers that all need to adhere to an organization’s product quality and safety requirements. Add the complexity of tracking the status of product registrations and submissions for each market they sell to and you have an overloaded regulatory compliance team in need of a streamlined solution. By leveraging a centralized quality management solution, chemical companies can implement an effective quality and compliance system that enhances visibility and decision making across the enterprise

Personal Care and Cosmetics

The need for constantly introducing innovative new products to stay current with changing customer tastes and preferences places a huge burden on personal care and cosmetics companies. Product quality is a major point of marketing and brand differentiation for these companies, and it takes a proactive approach to succeed in acquiring that new customer and developing that brand loyalty. Engineering has to be in close communication with manufacturing, while the field must have an open channel to relay defect information back to support and product development. Furthermore, there is a growing complex network of suppliers and other third party vendors that, for example, prepare surface treatments to enhance the quality of a finished good or prepare treatment to modify powders and pigments to maximize water repellency or extended-wear cosmetics.  A consumer products quality management system can help personal care companies seamlessly share quality information across the organization and their suppliers as well as automate the process for managing deviations..

Sparta Systems' EQMS Solutions for Consumer Products

Sparta Systems’ enterprise quality management software (EQMS) solutions allow consumer products companies to automate quality processes, compiling all information in one central location. Providing unparalleled visibility across your organization, processes and metrics are used to ensure compliance, risk management, and to operate in the most cost efficient way. Whether on premise or cloud-based, Sparta’s EQMS solutions offers the flexibility and configurability to adapt to company-specific business processes, enabling our clients to define, track, manage and report on the activities and processes vital to their success.  

Seamless Integration with Other Applications

Quality is not a department or an isolated function; it is a shared corporate responsibility. Best in class consumer products companies that integrate TrackWise EQMS with other enterprise applications like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and Supply Chain Management (SCM) to optimize its capabilities and fully close the loop on quality management. Implementing applications such as supplier quality management, audit management, complaint handling, and CAPA solutions, adds visibility throughout your enterprise and are only strengthened when connected to other processes and job roles in the organization. 


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