Leadership Team

Sparta Systems, Inc. offers expertise across enterprise and quality focused industries. Our team is comprised of industry leaders, whose insights are sought by highly regulated global corporations in pharmaceutical and biotech, medical device, clinical research, food & beverage, and other industries. Beyond the development of TrackWise, our renowned Enterprise Quality Management Software solution, and our thorough methodology for successful solution implementation, the collective knowledge of our executives, management and entire team sets Sparta Systems apart.

      Eileen Martinson 
Steve Buonaiuto  John  Joe Humm 
Eileen Martinson
Steve Buonaiuto
COO and CFO 

John McNeill
VP, Global Sales 

Joe Humm
VP, Global Sales Ops

bruce Christian Rockwell
Roy Wood Jr.
VP, Product

Christian Rockwell
VP, Global Marketing

Roy Wood
VP, Global Services
& Support

Tom Sullivan
VP, Product 

Gary Lo
Sharon Marnien

Josh Sokoloff
VP, Customer Success

VP, Business
Development & IT 
Sharon Marnien
VP, Human Resource
VP, Finance




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